I’m a Voter

Are you a voter who cares about climate change? The upcoming General Election is your opportunity to make an impact. Not Here Not Anywhere has created an election pledge so that candidates can show the public if they are serious about climate action.

Which candidates have signed up so far?

Find out which candidates have signed up to the pledge from the following link.

What can I do to help the campaign?

(1) You can contact candidates directly using Uplifts e-action asking them to sign our election pledge. Or you can do it via social media, we have examples of some social media posts and graphics you can use.

(2) If a candidate calls to your door, quiz them on their climate policies. You can use the resources developed by XR Ireland and Stop Climate Chaos.

(3) You can also put a poster on your door in case you miss any of the candidates.

(4) Spread the word and make climate action one of the biggest issues of this election.



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