Get Involved

How can I get involved

1. Come to our weekly meeting that takes place every Monday evening from 6pm to 8pm on Zoom. Please email [email protected] for the link or contact us on social media.

Our work is guided by the following principles:
– Non-partisan
– Collective Action
– Non-hierarchical
– Consensus-driven
– Inclusive
– Sustainable (Group cohesion)

You can learn more about our work and how to get involved from our New Members Presentation.

If you’d like to get involved in other climate groups around the country, check out this map of climate activist groups here.

2. Contact your local politicians and voice your concerns about climate change.
We need to let politicians know how important climate change is to us. You can find out who your local politician is from this website. The most effective way to lobby politicians is to call them directly and express your concerns about climate change. Check out our lobby guide.

3. Sign our petitions and email actions below.
Email your TD about your concerns about the Shannon LNG project
Email the Minister for Communications, Climate Action & Environment about your opposition to Oil or Gas Drilling off the Irish Coast
Email the Port of Cork to demand that they stop Cork LNG


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